Courting Leadership & Management Skills for Schools Toolkit 2

Courting Leadership & Management Skills for Schools Toolkit 2


Course Description

The aims of this course are to help you better understand educational leadership, and to learn and apply key management and leadership skills, especially in the areas of instructional leadership, team building, and emotional intelligence, to bring about improvements in school administration and learning & teaching.

Course Details

TARGET AUDIENCE:This course is for teachers who wish to understand educational leadership better and gain some key management and leadership skills in various areas.
CAREER PATHAfter completing this course, participants will be better prepared to pursue leadership roles in a school setting.
COURSE DURATION:10 Hours (Actual course duration may vary based on prior skills and application)
PROGRESSION OPTIONS:Build on this certificate by upgrading to a foundation award, standard award or diploma

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This course is divided into modules and lessons, each focusing on key topics, which are broken down into easy-to-follow concepts.

Throughout the course, you will be given activities to complete to help you summarise what you have learnt and appraise your understanding.

There are four modules within the course and information on what is covered is as follows:

Module 1: Leadership and Learning to Lead

  • Clearly define the differences between leadership and management in education
  • Be able to describe the different conceptualizations of leadership
  • Explain why leadership is not necessarily the province of school management only
  • Be able to analyse and assess how leadership is practiced in their own school community
  • Reflect on the skills required to exercise leadership and to assess their own leadership capabilities

Module 2: Focus on Leadership for Learning (Instructional Leadership)

  • Clearly articulate the meaning of instructional leadership
  • Identify and outline its characteristics
  • Describe the powerful forms of leadership influence on what happens in classrooms
  • Analyse and outline their own school organisational structures, systems and processes critical to supporting learning-centered leadership

Module 3: Build Dynamic and Trusting Teams

  • Be able to describe how the management and leadership of teams contribute to the effectiveness of the school
  • Assess the needs, responsibilities and motivations of teams
  • Explain how a manager/leader could benefit from knowing team members preferred team roles
  • Analyse how these roles could benefit the school in improvement processes
  • Recognize and influence the stages of team development
  • Improve the performance of teams using techniques of empowerment, team decision making, and team learning

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  • Explain emotional intelligence
  • Outline and explain the main areas of EI
  • Analyse their leadership qualities with respect to EI
  • Recognize the impact of leaders high EI on staff and pupils
  • Assess and discuss the role of EI in their day to day work

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Training Information

Courses: Each course is approximately 7-10 hours in guideline training time including time for offline reading and assessments. By completing additional courses within the required training period, you can easily progress to achieve additional qualifications including a Flúirse Foundation Award, Flúirse Standard Award or a Flúirse Diploma.

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Assessment Criteria: Assessments are scheduled only when you are ready. There are no final exams, continual assessments are included through each course with a test at the end of each course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although the courses are delivered online they are different to traditional “online” courses that offer no real support. Our Course Advisors and Tutors are always on-hand to guide you through your courses and help you at each step of your training journey. Once you are a student with Flúirse you are a student for life and will have access to all our career services at every stage of your career.

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The courses contain several modules each of which is made up of individual lessons.

The course completion requirements are as follows:

Each lesson will contain self-assessment exercises to guide your progress and ensure your comprehension.

At the end of each module you will complete revision questions intended to prepare you for the final exam.

Before undertaking the final exam, you will be allowed to take a mock exam to practice until you are confident enough to complete the final exam.

When you are ready you may attempt the final exam to complete the course.

Each individual course should take approximately 10 hours of online study.

You will be allowed up to 6 months to complete each individual course, with up to 24 month for a full diploma programme.

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